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Guiding Your Sales Performance to New Heights.  

Sales are won and lost based on how well Sellers guide their Buyers through the psychological stages ALL Buyers must go.  Too often, Sellers make mistakes - common mistakes that end up losing them the sale.

The Sales Sherpa program teaches salespeople a proven process to guide their Buyers through this process and CLOSE MORE SALES.

This program introduces the strategies and tactics that are the foundation of successful selling, and the key selling skills you and your team need to escape 'average' performance and become Elite Performers.


of 'average' sellers reach their quotas or sales targets

Core collaborative skills represent the largest gap between average salespeople and Elite Performers.

Elite Performers earn
more income than their 'average' counterparts.

The gap is clear between 'average' sellers and Elite Performers.

The Sales Sherpa Program closes this gap and gives salespeople the skills they need to uncover all Buyers' needs, craft compelling value-based solutions, and guide Buyers all the way to a closed sale.


All The Skills You Need To Take Your Sales to New Heights.

The studies are in and the results couldn't be more clear; improving sales skills produces profound and lasting results for the salespeople and the companies for which they work.

% of Salespeople 73% 20% 7%
Quota Attainment 57% 100% 100%
Margin Capture 56% 75% 94%
Win Rate 40% 62% 73%

What it means to go from 'Average' to 'Elite.'

When salespeople move from being 'Average' to 'Elite' they ALWAYS make quota, they discount prices far less frequently, and they nearly DOUBLE their Win Rate!

The End Result: Income is nearly doubled for the salesperson and the company for which they work.


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An On-Demand Approach to Collaborative Selling Skill Development

With over 12 hours of ON-DEMAND instruction , you can learn how to effectively guide Buyers through the psychological stages of the buying-selling process. Follow up coaching is available to tailor the Sales Sherpa methodology to your individual requirements. Your Sales Sherpa program will include:

Session 1

Introduction: Capture your thoughts about how you expect to benefit from this program and the value that it would produce for you and your company. Compare your thoughts to the Key Program Objectives and its content.

Overview of the Selling Buying Process: In this unit, we’ll begin with the ‘big picture’ of where selling fits in any organization. Then we can compare the different skills that are required for this all-important business function with those skills required in functions that support selling. We’ll then will examine the psychological process and stages through which a buyer moves in ANY buying situation and the behaviors required by the sales professional to support the buyer throughout the process.

Session 2

Identifying Buyers' Needs: The foundation of any sale and worthwhile relationship requires a clear understanding of the buyer's real needs - their situation, problems and opportunities. In this unit, you will learn the importance of first impressions, and how to use appropriate selling and interpersonal behaviours to achieve strong and positive relationships. You will enhance your questioning skills to obtain appropriate facts and information, and to get confirmation, agreement and commitment.

Activating Needs to Priority: This stage is the vital link between establishing needs and presenting a solution. We explore general and specific buying motives and identify and establish the individual motivations and drives of our buyers. You will learn specific questioning skills that focus the buyer on their real situation and help them clarify those needs that are priorities for them. You will become comfortable challenging the status quo.

Session 3

Presenting Business Case Solutions: This unit is designed to move you towards mastery of presenting a business case that meets the buyer's specific product and service needs, demonstrates value, and is based on positive relationships. You will further enhance your questioning and listening skills. You will learn how to prepare generic and client-specific product and service analyses, based on a complete understanding of features, advantages, benefits and end results. You will prepare a value-based solution, with a documented value-added package, that effectively differentiates your solution. You will learn how to deal with various forms of resistance, including "price" issues, and positively sell on value and relationship factors.

Session 4

Implementation and Closing: Through an understanding of buying signals, stress and risk assessment, and closing techniques, you will learn how to support the buyer to implement their solution choice. Preparation of a checklist and plan will ensure both parties commit to and complete full implementation.

Managing Relationships: This unit looks at our customers in terms of importance and worth to help us better allocate our time. Development of an expectation feedback system helps us monitor and evaluate results against expectations. Proactive follow-up will ensure an ongoing relationship based on trust and credibility.

Transform Your Career with the Sales Sherpa Training Program


Learn how this transformational approach to sales training and behavior change can develop the collaborative sales selling skills for you and your team.

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